Everlisten Screener App

With the "Everlisten Screener App", customers of hearing care professionals test their hearing themselves and receive results on a medical level.


Hearing test by yourself

Every 5th person worldwide suffers from hearing loss. Young people are also increasingly affected by problems in this area. The increasing relevance of the topic motivates Everlisten to contribute to the hearing health of society. In the digital realm, they are accomplishing this with the "Everlisten Screener App," among other things. The app is designed to enable companies that offer their services in the field of hearing acoustics to provide their customers with a mobile hearing test.

Customers who visit a business location can independently check their hearing using a tablet and headphones and immediately receive high-quality results.

The customer's problems can be addressed immediately and solutions offered in the form of hearing aids or other support. This provides customers with a professional and pleasant POS experience.


Competence in hearing care industry

The mobile app for the iPad was developed by Denovo according to the latest technological standards using SwiftUI. The special feature was the technical integration of the hearing tests into the application. The tests used were developed and provided by Mimi Health GmbH in cooperation with Everlisten. Denovo ensured a smooth integration into the existing design through appropriate animations. The app for the iPad is currently offered with the Everlisten logo. In the future, a white-label solution is also planned for companies that want their own branding for the application.

What was special about the project was the short implementation time. Only 4 months passed between the initial meeting and the MVP (Minimum Viable Product). MVP means a product that contains all the required basic functions and already makes it possible to use it in practice.

The successful cooperation between Everlisten and Denovo has resulted in an exemplary product. More joint projects will follow in the future.


How did Denovo contribute to the project?

UI & UX Design

Technical integration into existing UX design and visually appealing completion

App Development

Native iOS tablet app development with SwiftUI

DevOps & Operations

Cloud infrastructure operation and application support

How our customers benefit

The Everlisten Screener app helps Everlisten's customers, i.e. hearing care professionals, gain more customers by facilitating the initial contact with a hearing test. The ability to put hearing to the test without assistance contributes to a fantastic shopping experience.

About Everlisten

Everlisten is a start-up from Graz, Austria, that specializes in hearing health. The two founders use their experience in the hearing care industry to identify problems and provide solutions. Together with partners, they develop new digital innovations that make hearing fun again.

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