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Jan 18, 2024

The future of software development: key trends for 2024

The future of software development: key trends for 2024

In the dynamic world of software development, staying on top of the latest technology is essential. With 2024 just around the corner, we take a look at the future and explore the key software and tech trends that will shape this year. These insights are based on Accenture's comprehensive "Technology Vision 2024" study.

Humanity at the centre:

One of the most noticeable software trends for 2024 is the increasing focus on people. Organisations that use technology to address real human needs will be at the forefront of innovation. This trend emphasises the need to design technology to enhance the human experience rather than replace it.

AI algorithms in transition:

Artificial intelligence (AI) is evolving rapidly. The latest trends show that AI algorithms are increasingly mimicking our thought processes. This development could soon lead to AI controlling entire business areas, which is of great importance for the tech trend of 2024.

The emergence of spatial computing:

Spatial computing, a revolutionary technology that is changing the way we experience digital spaces, is another major trend in software development. This medium offers new opportunities to connect the physical and digital worlds.

Improved human-machine interactions:

2024 is also expected to see significant progress in human-machine interactions. Thanks to new technologies, these interactions will become more intuitive and seamless, which will be of great benefit to both users and developers.

Design and AI:

Designing technology that prioritises user needs is a crucial factor for success in 2024, and this trend shows how important it is to integrate design and AI to create user-friendly solutions.

Generative AI and transformer models:

These technologies are a game changer in the software industry. They are not only changing the way we work, but also democratising access to advanced technologies and knowledge.

A focus on human values:

In the age of technology, an emphasis on human values and security is crucial. This trend emphasises the need to promote trust between humans and machines and to see security as an opportunity.

The 2024 software and tech trends show an exciting future where technology becomes increasingly human-centred and intuitive. These trends not only offer exciting opportunities for developers and companies, but also improve the daily lives of users.

Find out more about these trends in Accenture's full "Technology Vision 2024" study here.