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13 Ιουν 2023

Vision Pro from Apple: A new era of app development

Vision Pro from Apple: A new era of app development


Apple's recent announcement, the Vision Pro, represents a milestone in the world of app development. These mixed-reality glasses offer developers a brand-new platform and a range of exciting possibilities for content creation and delivery.

Apple Vision Pro: A Game Changer

Unveiled at Apple's WWDC developer conference, the Vision Pro represents a paradigm shift in the way we interact with digital content. Apple sees its new product, which is due to be released initially in the U.S. in early 2024, as a kind of screen replacement - or rather, de-objectifying the screen display. Apps can be conjured throughout the room. The unveiling of the product sparked a sense of excitement at Apple Park, where media representatives were joined by a number of developers.

Apps in Mixed Reality

In mixed reality, the physical world is enriched with digital content. This offers app developers a wealth of opportunities. They can develop apps that recognize and interact with real objects, or that project virtual objects into the real world.

Vision Pro as a development platform

With Vision Pro, Apple introduced the visionOS operating system. This operating system provides developers with a variety of tools and APIs to create apps optimized specifically for the glasses. These apps can be anything from games and entertainment apps to productivity tools and educational resources.

Challenges and opportunities

Despite the exciting possibilities the Vision Pro offers, there are also challenges. The price of the glasses is relatively high at $3500, which could potentially limit their adoption. There are also concerns about battery life, which is only two hours. Despite these challenges, Vision Pro offers app developers a unique opportunity to create an entirely new category of apps.


Apple's Vision Pro is an exciting new step in the world of app development. It offers developers a unique platform for creating mixed-reality apps. While there are certainly challenges, the opportunities presented by this new technology offer tremendous potential. It remains to be seen how app development will evolve in this new age of mixed reality.