The web application for a healthy life, which gives recommendations regarding nutrition and lifestyle. These are based on an evaluation of the user's data, the analysis of blood samples, values from fitness trackers and much more.


Giving the body what it really needs

MyDigitalTwin is a digital assistant. Based on height, weight and gender, the app creates a personal "twin" that resembles the user's body.

The assistant provides people, with the help of analysis, with tailored tips for their health. The product is designed to help people stay healthy and optimize their personal lifestyle based on results from DNA analyses, blood values and numbers from smartwatches, fitness trackers, sleep trackers, smart scales, etc. The user is provided with information on how to improve his or her health.

The user:in receives information about which micronutrients meet their own needs and which do not. Examples include the ability to absorb vitamin D due to genetic structure, or whether the intake of additional calcium would be important for the person due to the nature of bone density. Users can adapt their dietary habits to the information provided in order to support their health in the best possible way.


The "Digital Me"

To realize the vision of the digital twin of Smartmelts, Denovo has developed a web application that combines technology with user-centric software with high usability. It is a digital and interactive service that playfully shows the user:inside the results of the DNA analysis.

The results are visually displayed on a 3D model that looks like the user's body. In this way, users can view their "digital self" on the screen and interactively click through the individual health areas. The person using the app thus receives a complete overview of all evaluations from the DNA analysis.

The login to myDigitalTwin is done via two-factor authentication to protect the sensitive data in the best possible way. The data myDigitalTwin needs can be divided into user data and health-related data. These are managed completely separately in different databases. This guarantees the highest level of data security. For even better usability, the user interface was revised and the web application was relaunched.


How did Denovo contribute to the project?

Data security

Health-related and personal data of the users are organized in two separate databases.

App development

Web application with adaptations for mobile iOS or Android devices.

DevOps & Operations

Operation of the cloud infrastructure and support of the application.

How our customer benefit

The users of MyDigitalTwin get a holistic overview of their health condition and have the possibility to adapt their lifestyle to stay healthy as long as possible. Friends of "biohacking" can thus eat, sleep and act according to their genetic needs.

About Smartmelts

In addition to the main product "MyDigitalTwin", Smartmelts also offers its customers nutritional supplements in the form of direct granules. In this way, users can be supported both in a good and healthy sleep, performance in everyday work and a relaxed end to the day.

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