Keep the environment clean and win prizes! With the RecycleMich app, users can collect points and win prizes for every correctly recycled plastic packaging or aluminum can. This not only inspires users, but also helps the environment.


Disposing profitably

In Austria, around 70% of PET bottles are currently recycled. In order to contribute to increasing this figure to 100% in the future, Denovo, together with Synopticons, has designed and developed an app for the Reclay Group that makes recycling easy in a playful way.

Users of the app receive points for the correct disposal of plastic packaging and aluminum cans, which they can use to enter competitions and win prizes every week. Many well-known companies such as Coca-Cola, Innocent, delta pronatura, Eckes-Granini, Henkel, Espara, Rauch, RedBull, Weber, ASFINAG support the innovative idea.

The app is currently being used in Vienna, but will soon also motivate users in Germany to dispose of their bottles and aluminum cans in a sustainable manner.

But how does it work?

After the user has registered in the app, he or she can take a photo of the yellow garbage can or bag that is intended for disposal. The user then scans the barcode of the plastic packaging or aluminum can and disposes of it in the previously scanned bin. Points are awarded for each item recycled. The commitment to the environment is rewarded with the chance to win great prizes. An overview of the points already collected can be found on the home screen. This makes it clear at a glance what users have already contributed to protecting the environment.


Digital recycling

The biggest challenge in developing the app was the technical know-how required to incorporate an NFC feature. This feature lets the app recognize when the user is right next to a garbage can.

In addition, expertise in technology was required for successful backend development. The application was developed as a cross-platform app and works for both iOS and Android operating systems.

A special feature of this project was the speed of implementation. It took less than 4 months from the launch to the first version of the application. In the language of agile software development, that's 8 sprints.

Improvements and optimizations of the current version of the app are constantly being worked on to make the interface of the application and its use even more pleasant and easier.


How did Denovo contribute to the project?

App development

Cross-platform development for iOS and Android

Hardware expertise

Experience and technical know-how enable integration of contactless Near Field Communication into the software application

DevOps & Operations

Cloud infrastructure operation and application support

How our customers benefits

Users of the RecycleMich app are motivated to dispose of plastic bottles and aluminum cans correctly. In a playful way, they make an important contribution to environmental protection and can also win prizes in competitions.

About SynoptiCons and Reclay

SynoptiCons provides consulting services in dynamic industries such as the circular economy, manufacturing, distribution and retail. From their collaboration with Denovo, the RecycleMich app was created for their client, Reclay Group. The Reclay Group is an internationally operating service company in the field of environmental and waste management.

Download from the App Store or Google Play.

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