Wastbox.biz App

Waste disposal has never been so easy!

With the Wastebox.biz app, containers for the removal of commercial waste can be ordered quickly and easily by connecting construction companies and waste disposal companies in real time and directly with each other.


Lack of efficiency and high paper piles

The traditional way of disposing of commercial construction waste reveals organizational problems.

The very traditional waste disposal industry processes its orders manually by phone, fax or e-mail. This involves a lot of effort and a high potential for errors. Researching and comparing possible suppliers is time-consuming. In addition, every 5th construction site has no address, which leads to difficulties and time delays in the delivery of the skips and in the collection. In addition, the pickup of a skip by the foreman at the construction site is also a huge time eater.

These problems were identified by the start-up Pink Robin. Their goal was to develop an innovative business concept, as well as to break down and redefine the existing traditional framework within the industry through digitalization.


Uber for construction site waste management

Together with Pink Robin, Denovo has created a mobile app that digitizes this business case and overcomes the existing difficulties.

Through the app, companies are linked with waste disposal companies. The desired dumpster can be requested directly, depending on waste type, size and delivery time. The GPS location for the pickup is also shared in the process. This information is then sent to all logistically well-positioned vehicles. The customer receives real-time confirmation of the order. Upon pickup, only the delivery bill needs to be signed on the smartphone and all details can be viewed in the app.

The app provides a platform for the entire order processing, from ordering to pickup to invoicing. This completely eliminates tedious document transmissions and manual order processing.

Previously time-consuming research and condition comparisons are now automated. This saves valuable resources and time.


How did Denovo contribute to this project?

UI & UX design

Development of an interface with optimal usability

App development

Native iOS and Android app development using Swift and Kotlin.

DevOps & Operations

Operation of the cloud infrastructure and maintenance of the application.

How our customers benefit

With the mobile app, Wastebox.biz was able to develop into the largest 24/7 construction site disposal company in Austria in the highly competitive market. In the first year alone, over 10,000 transport orders were processed entirely via the app. In 2021, CEMEX Ventures, which invests in innovative startups in the construction industry, listed Wastebox.biz as one of the 50 most innovative "ConTech" startups worldwide.


About Pink Robin

Pink Robin GmbH is a future-oriented start-up that focuses on innovative business models and sustainable management. For the dedicated team of creative minds, software developers, customer consultants and waste management specialists, the three areas of innovation, progress and continuous further development for customers and the environment are at the forefront.

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