Waterdrop Hydration App

Keep track of your drinking habits!

The personalized app helps with daily water drinking and visually displays fluid intake in an appealing design. It measures progress and rewards diligent drinking with trophies and awards.


Drink more water!

Waterdrop's mission is to help people live healthier, longer and more sustainable lives.

This is pursued by offering a sustainable alternative to conventional drinks that can be bought in the supermarket. Additional support is provided by an app that gives customers the opportunity to identify and optimize their drinking habits with the help of personalized features. The liquids consumed are recorded in the app either by manual entry or by the "Lucy" smart cap.

"Lucy" is a cap that is compatible with all Waterdrop drinking bottles. It detects how much water is drunk and sends the information directly to the smartphone via Bluetooth. To help users reach their drinking goals, reminders can be set and customers can take part in challenges. "Lucy" also removes up to 100% of germs from drinking water through UV cleaning. This keeps the bottle clean and odorless.


From the idea to the app

The conception of the application and the UI & UX design came from Waterdrop itself and follows the company's design line. Denovo accompanied the entire development process and provided advice on the technical implementation of the idea.

Important questions for the final result were, for example, which features of the app offer the greatest added value or how the users can best be reached through notifications directly on the smartphone. In answering these questions, Denovo was able to provide experience from apps that had already been successfully implemented.

This project required hardware competence and expertise to integrate the software. Denovo provided support in both the technical implementation and coordination with the manufacturer, enabling a successful integration of the "Lucy" smart cap.

Due to the dynamic product development process, hurdles were repeatedly identified and there were numerous adaptations during the project. Because flexibility is important for digitization projects, "Exchange for free" applies at Denovo. This makes it possible to respond to changes in an uncomplicated manner and without increasing prices.


How did Denovo contribute to the project?


We accompany the entire product development with our expertise.

Hardware competence

Experience and technical know-how enable successful integration of the hardware into the software application.


The agile fixed price contract supports a more dynamic development process.

How our customers benefits

Within a few days, the Waterdrop Hydration app achieved a 5-digit active user:in base. Through engaging visualization, personalization, challenges and reward systems, the hydration experience for customers is enhanced. This leads to higher engagement and strengthening of the "Waterdrop" brand in the market. Easier communication via the app contributes to deeper integration of the community into the core process. This increases customer:internal loyalty and strengthens trust in the company.

About Waterdrop

Waterdrop is a company from Austria that offers a healthy and sustainable beverage alternative through its microdrinks. Microdrinks are small cubes that contain fruit and plant extracts in compressed form and are dissolved in water. Thus, the tasty drinks come completely without plastic bottle or can.

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