Berliner Stadtreinigung

In the design project, a customer portal and an admin portal for bulky waste disposal were developed and a tablet app for the journeys was designed. The goal was to improve the process of bulky waste disposal of the Berliner Stadtreinigung through digitalization.


Bulky waste disposal

There is a lot of organization behind bulky waste disposal, which is a challenge for both the disposal company and the drivers of the garbage trucks. This is especially true in large cities like Berlin. There, the "Berliner Stadtreinigung" is responsible for bulky waste disposal.

Currently, the coordination for bulky waste collections in Berlin is handled via online forms. This means a high organizational effort for the employees. Through further digitization and optimization, the client expects more efficient, faster processes and simpler organization.


It starts with a workshop

At Denovo, we offer extensive consulting that includes different workshops. Denovo UX prototyping starts with the User Journey Workshop. The current process is analyzed and the project is outlined for the first time. The scope is defined and the epics and user stories are already developed.

In the following phases, a design draft of 1 to 2 screens up to a final click dummy is developed. This process leads to a deeper examination of the "why?" of digitization and an optimal understanding of the process among the project partners. Since visual criteria are already available, user stories can be formulated more clearly.

In the project with Berliner Stadtreinigung, it was particularly important to involve all stakeholders, from drivers and dispatchers to customer service, marketing, and internal IT.

This resulted in the concept for a portal, a web application for bulky waste collection and a tablet app for BSR drivers.


How did Denovo contribute to the project?

Extensive consulting

Collaborative identification of the optimal use of digitization in the company.


Developing a concept for a successful digitization project.

UX prototyping

By creating a prototype, product development decisions are made at an early stage.

How our customers benefit

The business process of bulky waste disposal will be made more efficient through digitization by revising the customer portal and developing an admin portal. A large amount of organizational work will be saved and the day-to-day work of BSR employees will be simplified.

About BSR

Berliner Stadtreinigung, or BSR for short, is a service company of the state of Berlin and is responsible for waste collection, street cleaning and waste treatment. With almost 6,000 employees, BSR is one of the largest employers in Berlin and the largest municipal waste disposal company in Germany.

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