The Agile Fixed Price Contract

A fair and cooperative basis for successful collaboration.


A contract that does not bind you

Six advantages that only the Agile Fixed Price model offers you


The basic principle of the Agile Fixed Price is fairness. The highest possible quality can only be achieved through cooperation and this is what the Agile Fixed Price promotes and demands.

Exchange for Free

Requirements change in every project. The Agile fixed price includes the possibility for the client to change the scope of the project at any time without additional costs.

Risk Share

If it turns out during development that a story requires significantly more resources than originally estimated, you will bear only a portion of the additional costs.

Checkpoint Phase

If you are not satisfied with our performance after the checkpoint phase, you pay only 50% of the previous effort and can withdraw from the rest of the contract free of charge. Very simple and fair.

Steering Board

The Steering Board has the decision-making authority and provides the knowledge necessary for the project to make timely and effective decisions in the best interest of the project.

Agile development

Through iterations and close cooperation with the client, changes can be reacted to as quickly as possible. Through collaborative planning, reviews and backlog groomings, the shared vision can be developed in the best possible way.

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