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The DevOps structure lives through the use of a few central methods that automate and simplify processes and thus increase the potential for innovation.

Continuous Integration

Code changes are regularly compiled in a central repository and then automatically created and tested. In this way, bugs are discovered quickly and can be fixed immediately. 

Continuous Delivery

As an extension of Continuous Integration, code changes are checked as a draft in a test environment. If the implementation is correct, an already standardized tested artifact is thus available. 


Applications are built on the basis of many small services. Each service runs through its own processes and communicates with other services via defined, usually HTTP-based, API interfaces. 

Code Infrastructure

On-demand interaction with the infrastructure in the form of code eliminates the need for manual setup and configuration of resources. Infrastructure and servers are defined by code and can be quickly updated with patches and versions via standardized methods or duplicated in a reproducible manner. 

Monitoring and Reporting

Metrics and logs are monitored to determine how application and infrastructure performance affect the user experience. This allows the impact of problems or unexpected changes on it to be better assessed. 

Communication and Collaboration

Key characteristics of a DevOps culture are cross-team communication and collaboration. The use of DevOps tools creates a collaborative climate by merging the workflow and responsibilities of development and operations. 


Support along the entire product life cycle

Regardless of the phase, we support you with our know-how and many years of experience.


GitLab CI und GitHub Actions

Jenkins und Code Linting

Containerization with Docker


Automated Testing

Unit Testing

UI Testing


Rolling Update

Green/Blue Deployments

AWS, Heroku, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean


Auto Scaling

Event-Driven Architecture

Infrastructure as Code (i.e. Terraform)




Papertrail und Sentry

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