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Dec 14, 2022

New Work and Workation

New Work and Workation

Some time ago, when thinking about the selection criteria for most people's job search, two terms came to mind - money and status. Today, that only applies to a limited extent. For the upcoming generation of workers in particular, far more factors count toward a "desirable" job. These range from the social responsibility that a company assumes toward society, a flat hierarchy with a management style based on trust and flexible working hours, to a digital, efficient and location-independent work design.

Workplaces of the future

The term "New Work" describes a structural change in the world of work as we know it. Digitalization has created opportunities for companies to adapt the working conditions of their employees to their needs. This ensures the development of potential and a good work-life balance. However, it is not only employees who benefit from "New Work" concepts. Employers remain fit for the future and have an easier time finding and retaining qualified employees in the long term. This increases both productivity and innovation within the company. Digital tools and agile methods enable efficient collaboration and accelerate the implementation of projects. Home offices, as well as modern workplaces in shared offices, make it possible to work creatively in the place where you can best concentrate. However, the best location for working can also be a vacation spot like the Greek capital Athens.

Work and vacation? Workation!

Workation - In this word the two English words "work" for work and "vacation" for vacation merge. It describes performing the professional activity in a place different from the regular workplace. Nowadays, many professions can be performed regardless of location. All that is needed is a stable Internet connection and all the necessary means of communication must work.

However, this usually does not mean sitting in a beach bar with a laptop on your lap and working. The participants of a workstation usually go about their regular workday, only that they are not in the office or home office, but in a place where they are on vacation at the same time. The time after work can be used as the employee:s wish, from spending the evening at the beach to exploring the vacation city they are in. Workation thus offers a vacation from the workplace or place of residence instead of from work itself.

A week in Athens

Workations are fun and enjoyable. You gain new impressions, stimuli and properly recharge your energy reserves. This positively influences the motivation and also the creativity of the people working abroad.

Denovo has had an office in the Greek capital Athens since the end of 2021. The Austrian team already knows the colleagues working there through local social events and through joint remote work on projects. To strengthen personal relationships, Denovo is offering employees the opportunity to open their MacBook in the Athens office for a week and experience the workday together with their colleagues on site. With a view of the Acropolis, they can then carry out their usual activities and tasks in an environment that is unusual for them. After the day in the office, all the possibilities of the city are open to them for after-work activities. From the excellent culinary offerings to the city's rich culture, there is much to experience and explore.

For the trip to Athens, Denovo will cover all travel and accommodation costs. Combining this with a private vacation is also readily available. The city is a great base for travel to a variety of the beautiful Greek islands.