Hearing tailored to your needs - We wear helmets, put on gloves and put on protective goggles. We also have to take care of our ears!

EarWear offers people who are exposed to high levels of noise individual hearing protection and ensures high safety quality by regularly checking the functionality using the "EarSave" app.

Hear what is important - Don't hear what is harmful

EarWare offers every company the right, innovative noise protection solution for its employees. Customized hearing protection that meets the highest safety standards ensures a safe workplace.

Hearing protection, like any car, needs regular and comprehensive service to ensure safety. Originally, EarWear personnel periodically checked the quality of each hearing protector. The companies were visited and the tests on the quality and seal of the ear protection were carried out.

This process offered the opportunity to save time, human resources and costs through its digitalization


Digital quality check

Together with Denovo, EarWear has developed a concept to simplify the testing process of hearing protectors and to carry it out by means of a digital application. This resulted in the "EarSave" app.

The app makes it possible to test EarWear's customized hearing protection for reliable protection and optimal attenuation. Step by step, the app guides the user through a test that takes about five minutes.

At the beginning, the name and data on the hearing protection must be entered. The test can then be performed with either loudspeakers (?) or over-ear headphones. Each ear is played a tone in the test process, once with and once without hearing protection. By measuring the difference, valuable knowledge about functionality can be gained.

In addition, there are important usage instructions for the hearing protection and a test report as well as an appointment for the next check.


How did Denovo contribute to the project?

Competence in audiology

Integration of the tests to verify the functionality of hearing protection

App development

Development of a web application with React

DevOps & Operation

Operation of the cloud infrastructure and support of the application

How our customers benefit

By digitizing the testing process, valuable personnel and time resources can be saved on EarWear's side. The company that provides its employees with EarWear hearing protection can carry out quality checks independently. The company is therefore independent of external influences and can constantly ensure that the products function properly and are safe to wear.

About EarWear

EarWear is a Neuroth brand and can thus draw on many years of experience. According to the motto "safe hearing", innovative and high-quality hearing protection solutions are manufactured. These are individually tailored to personal anatomy and fields of application.

How can Denovo support you?

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