myHealthDiary App

Easily and clearly record health data with the certified medical product MyHealthDiary! With the MyHealthDiary app, health-related appointments and data such as blood pressure, pulse, blood sugar, weight and body temperature can be recorded quickly and securely on the smartphone.


Digital medical calendar

At a time when digitization has already taken place in many other areas, the company Black Tusk has recognized the high potential for digitization in the health and medical industry. In a joint project with Denovo, the MyHealthDiary app was created. With the help of the app, all important appointments and measurements of health data can be organized and documented. Values such as blood pressure, pulse, blood sugar, weight or body temperature are recorded quickly and securely on the easy and intuitive interface. In the new version, blood pressure measurements can also be imported into the application via Bluetooth.

The daily schedule and the 3-day schedule provide an overview of all upcoming and recently performed measurements. Reminders through notifications ensure that no scheduled measurements or medication intake are forgotten. The app also offers a clear and configurable display of all data.


Easy data exchange

The special feature of MyHealthDiary is the simple and user-friendly sharing of information and data between doctors and patients. Healthcare professionals can easily obtain health data by exporting and sharing selected data and measurements with the app user. The supported formats are CSV and FIHR.

Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources

FIHR is a new standard that supports data exchange between healthcare software systems. The goal of FIHR is to be able to communicate across locations, facilities, and sectors, and to make one's data more transparent to patients. The aim is to achieve compatibility in the integration of values into all programs at physicians and other health care institutions.


How did Denovo contribute to the project?

App Development

Native iPad and iPhone App Development with SwiftUI

UI & UX Design

Development of an interface with optimal usability

Data exchange

Exporting data and ensuring its compatibility when passing it on to healthcare institutions

How our customers benefit

With MyHealthDiary, people can share their health values from measurements with their treating physicians in an uncomplicated and simple way. This enables them to keep an eye on the condition of their patients even without a physical appointment, to detect potentially dangerous changes at an early stage and to take immediate action. Patients also have more power over their own data and can decide at any time which facilities or individuals can access it.

About Black Tusk

Black Tusk enables customers to implement precise and customized solutions for a wide range of requirements for flexible data storage. For this purpose, the company's cloud backend offers an open and flexible development basis for data archives.

How can Denovo support you?

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