Thanks to digitalized order processing in the form of the "ThommenDirect" customer portal, the Thommen Group is able to save a huge amount of paper and analog work steps and thus use time and money more efficiently.

Analog waste management

In waste management, customer portals and digital order processing are not yet industry standards. Much is handled by phone or fax, and the workload is enormous. Every day, employees have to manually process countless orders, forms, changes and waste records. This leads to high service wait times and increasing error rates. Often, it involves managing reams of documents and proofs in paper form that are not available in digital form.

Many variants of a digital customer portal exist on the market, but they cannot be applied to the specific case of waste management. The solution is an individual system that is tailored to the needs of the industry.


Increasing efficiency

Customer portals provide an efficient, digital solution to the problems of analog order processing. "ThommenDirect" is the portal developed by Denovo, which the Thommen Group is using to digitize processes that used to run manually. It is individually tailored to them and saves the company's service and sales team time and resources.

A special focus was placed on the design sprint in order to optimally integrate the application into the identity of the Thommen brand. The goal was to provide a modern look and feel with a high user experience so that training efforts could be kept to a minimum.

"ThommenDirect" is also a communication tool. The application offers customers the possibility to access their information independently, with fewer clicks, at any time and completely independent of location. Interfaces were defined in order to exchange data with the leading ERP system and to be able to integrate daily updated content.

The customized customer portal represents the maximum reduction in effort and resources for both the company and its customers.


How did Denovo contribute to the project?

UX Design

Responsive optimization of UX for desktop, tablet and smartphone

Software development

Development of a web-based portal with communication tool

DevOps & Operation

Operation of the cloud infrastructure and support of the application

How our customers benefit

By simplifying internal processes, the efficiency of the entire order processing is increased. This saves Thommen employees time during processing. Customer satisfaction is increased by the simple and uncomplicated accessibility of their data. In general, the portal can optimize communication between the company and its customers.

About Thommen

Thommen is one of the leading recycling companies in Switzerland and offers complete waste disposal and recycling services for companies and, in some cases, private individuals at a total of ten locations.

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