We create functionality through appealing UI/UX design

The success of an app hinges on the user experience. It is about combining functionality and aesthetics. UI/UX design is much more than surface-level design. It pertains to how digital products operate and the feeling of their usage.


UX prototyping process


User Journey Workshop

In the first step, we work with you to analyze the existing process and find out what the optimal user journey looks like for your needs. In doing so, we already define the first epics.


Steering Workshop

It is time for the first feedback loop. Based on the initial designs and your feedback, fundamental design decisions are made, and the user stories are adjusted accordingly.


Presentation Workshop

During the presentation workshop, we enter the second feedback loop. Testing the click dummy reveals minor yet necessary adjustments, which are then made accordingly.


UX Sketching Phase

Once the initial questions are clarified, we focus on creating an ideal 'look & feel.' Collaboratively, we develop the design for key screens and a UI guideline for your project.


Prototyping Phase

In this phase, we refine the UI/UX design of the entire process. Building upon this groundwork, we are able to develop a UX prototype, such as a web-based click dummy.


Finalization Phase

In the phase following the testing workshop, we finalize the project plan, the click dummy, and provide you with the final user story document. After this, we are ready to commence development!


The benefits of UX prototyping

We understand that projects run more smoothly when a UX prototyping takes place before the development begins.

Profound understanding of digitalization

Denovo's standardized workshops facilitate a deeper exploration of the 'Why?' behind digitalization.

Consensus among stakeholders

Visualization leads to an optimal understanding of processes among all project partners.

Clarity in User Stories

Holding the UX prototype in our hands, it is possible for us to formulate User Stories precisely.

Early testing

UX prototyping allows for early testing with end-users, enabling swift feedback on product acceptance.

Results of the UX prototyping

After the design phase concludes, you hold the following tools for an optimal start into the development process.

  • Click dummy
  • Finale UX design
  • Fixed Price Quote
  • User Story Document
  • ui-ux-results

    What is a User Story?

    Wishes and requirements that users have for the software are documented in non-technical language. This leads to the acceptance criteria, the fulfillment of which determines approval by customers during the review process. A large user story that is broken down into smaller tasks to be distributed across multiple sprints is called an Epic.

    Questions about our UI/UX design process?

    How are adjustments handled during the design process? How do we ensure a timely and efficient workflow in the design process? We would be happy to address these questions in a personal conversation or a video call.

    Do you need more information about UI/UX design process?

    We will be happy to consult and support you in your project.