To ensure your software runs perfectly, we handle Operation and Maintenance

Even after development has been completed we can take care of reliable operation in the cloud for you if you wish and respond promptly to unforeseen challenges.


Denovo Operations

Denovo Operations encompasses all aspects of hosting, server management, firewall setup, proxies, and other infrastructural components that are outside the realm of the actual applications. Our DevOps experts are here to assist you with their understanding of infrastructure and their deep knowledge of the application.

That is how quickly we respond if …

… there is no impairment in the software's functionality.

  • Reaction time 24h
  • Recovery time 32h
  • … a secondary function of the software is faulty or unreachable.

  • Reaction time 12h
  • Recovery time 16h
  • … an essential function of the software can no longer be executed.

  • Reaction time
  • Recovery time 8h
  • consulting

    Denovo Care

    Denovo Care encompasses all activities related to change requests, troubleshooting, and application as well as customer support. You can choose from our Care packages tailored to your needs. The packages differ in the guaranteed reaction and recovery times in case of an issue.

  • Reaction time 12h
  • Recovery time 16h
  • Gold
  • Reaction time 6h
  • Recovery time 8h
  • Platinum
  • Reaction time 3h
  • Recovery time 4h

  • Download free sample contract

    Get a detailed insight into the Denovo Care packages with our sample contract. The team will be happy to answer any questions about Denovo Care or Denovo Operations in person.


    Questions about Denovo Care or Operations?

    What happens in the event of unexpected bugs? What response times can Denovo guarantee? What costs should I expect for a maintenance contract? We will be happy to clarify these questions in a personal meeting or in a video call.

    Do you need more information on operation and maintenance?

    We will be happy to advise you and support you with your project.